1. Jaron Schneider met up with me when I was in San Francisco and wrote a real nice piece about me and my work for Photo Focus!

  2. My portraits of Ella Henderson before her first show in New York. Full post on InStyle.com

  3. Samsaya for InStyle.com

  4. Cabin in the woods - 4th of July weekend!

  5. San Francisco was great! I gave a speech about my photography at the Apple Store and at HGST Headquarters and also saw a bunch of friends who live out there.

  6. Emily and I had a real STOMPIN’ good time watching Saintseneca at Mercury Lounge. One of my favorite bands right now, check them out Saintseneca – Dark Arc

  7. Hey everybody! I’m speaking at the San Francisco Apple Store on Thursday to talk about my photography and my G-Technology workflow! Come by if you are in the SF Bay area. http://www.apple.com/retail/sanfrancisco/

  8. Meg Myers at Webster Hall.